Rival is one of the top Chinese manufacturers in agriculture film, passed the ISO9001:2015 quality control system. We have strong development and research teams in both Europe and China. Depending on the new 5-layers co-extrusion production technology, we design flexible production formula with high-quality material and additives for agriculture poly films production. The improved mechanical properties and physical properties of agriculture film will meet different regions and various rigorous wrapping conditions.


Rival is a packaging film manufacture in China have a lot of experience. Our packaging films are produced by 5-layer fully automatic European equipment. The imported raw material be used to create our film’s formula to most close our client’s high requirements. The excellent mechanical properties of 5-layer co-extrusion blown packaging film can save you lots of packaging costs.


We are shopping bags manufactures in China. Plastic packaging bags are always the best way to promote your brand. And your customers will like the idea of having a durable bag for carrying your products.

Rival provides eco-friendly, 100% compostable and oxo-biodegradable plastic bags. The 100% compostable materials are made from PLA and corn starch; the oxo-biodegradable additives are EPI and D2W. No matter which eco-friendly material you choose, we make sure these bags are excellent in quality and good for the environment.


RF5 Spunbond technology,based on SSMMMS process, can produce particularly light weight nonwovens, basis weights of 8-13 grams per square meter, and optimum barrier and filtration properties from latest meltblown Technology.


      The introduction of German high-end 3-layer biaxial stretching equipment, together with the technology of Swiss clean company, the workshop can reach the level of 100 clean, which creates a solid foundation for the production of optical grade polyester film. The tensile strength of bi-oriented polyester film is 3 times higher than PC film and nylon film, and the impact strength is 3-5 times higher than BOPP film. BOPET film has good heat resistance and unique optical properties.