We are polyethylene film manufacturer

Located in Urumqi city, north of China, nearby Central Asia, our main products consist of plastic packaging film, plastic bags, and plastic agriculture film. Most of our products have been widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, households, agriculture greenhouses, and for silage husbandry.

RIVAL technology

30 years experience in plastic film processing

We have built a reasonable price structure and professional after-services system.

Owning two state-of-the-art factories, we are always committed to uniting advanced global technology to develop high-quality products and maintain our status as the leading enterprise in the plastic packaging and agricultural film industry.


Answers to your questions

  • We grow tomatoes and leafy vegetables. What are your recommendations ?

    Tomatoes and vegetables both need an effective growth spectrum. Rival greenhouse film can filter in useful sunlight for plants, which helps them to ripen faster.

  • How can I get a price quote ?

    In order to make a detailed price list, we have to know the greenhouse film width, length, thickness, and quantity. If you have special requests for a product’s functionality and lifespan, that would be very helpful to calculate the price.

  • Are there any other functions for your greenhouse film ?

    Yes. If your local temperature is very low in the winter, Rival greenhouse film can function as thermal insulation. Anti-dripping and Anti-fog also can customize.

  • Do you produce the black stretch film?

    Yes. The color will be as your requirements to produce, like transparent, white, black, etc.

  • What is the specification of your stretch film?

    The width is 250mm-750mm. The length is confirmed according to your thickness The thickness is 15mic-50mic.

  • What is the paper core size?

    Standard 3inch/76mm paper core. Others 6inch, 8inch also can be provided.

  • What about your printing?

    Flexographic printing equipment from Europe with 10 colors.

  • How much kilogram does a garbage bag bear?

    We can adjust the formula according to customer's requirement. Normally 20mic can hold 3-5kg weight;40mic can load 6-8kg.

  • Are your bags biodegradable?

    Yes, we use EPI, D2W and PLA material and additives, which can meet most countries' environment legislation.

  • How many colors can print on my bags?

    All of the bags can print up to 10 colors on both sides. Rival choose environmental flexographic printing from Europe to keep high-quality printing.

  • How much does it cost to custom brand my bags?

    Prices will quote individually depending on the bag sizes, thickness, quantity and printing colors.